We all know the importance of disinfection and sanitizing  within the areas we occupy, especially during these trying times. However to take disinfecting to the absolute best level , would mean using our fogging method. 

​Fogging is a process  using our commercial EPA registered Hospital grade disinfectant in our ULV Fogging equipment. Unlike sprays or wipes, our fogging process atomizes the disinfectant into the air like a "FOG" , and not only covers all surfaces, even ceilings, but also get into every crack and crevice of the area of servicing. Also unlike sprays and wipes, it also attacks airborne contaminants. Because our product is EPA registered and safe for people upon completion and dissipation there is no need to wipe or rinse after fogging is complete. In fact wiping or rinsing is discouraged because it would only speed the breakdown of your protective coverage.

Unlike vapor steam procedure, which can not provide long term protection, our process and product add an invisible blanket of prevention that continues inhibiting contaminants after Fogging is complete. 

Why Fogging is the best system for total disinfection and decontamination.

Please note length of protection will be based on the individual property, its use, the amount of people occupying it and the traffic of people entering and leaving the property. 

Also for those interested in sanitizing business with exposed food , produce and plants, we also have an organic based sanitizing and disinfectant product.